Thursday, September 30, 2010

Later same day - a tip occured to me! :)

I just realized that while we did this in college (and if it was taught there, it wasn't any big secret in other words!) :D buuuuut I've never seen anyone doing it with horse sculpting..??? I've seen similar but not quite the same with the cloth tapes. So I figured I'd share these pics & the why-for's.

Basically the green stuff there over the leg wires is athletic tape, very coarse as the pictures show if you click to enlarge them. I super glue it to the leg wires & use some baking soda that reacts with the super glue to give it more to tack on to. There's just nothing I hate more than epoxy popping off of wires - so maybe this will help with non-hardening modeling clay at this scale... I dunno. We did it only on a larger scale in college - like I said it's just worked for me with epoxies. So no one shoot me please if it turns out to be a terrible idea.

I show this close up because it shows how nicely the open weave of the athletic tape mooshes into the clay for better 'stick'.

Btw, it's crackin me up that the camera is adding pounds to this boy. He's still in the emaciated stage as I get his joints (shoulder & hip ones right now) to stand still where I want em.

Anyhow, so that's the follow up to the last post there! It became this beastie who was inspired by a horse (well a couple actually) I saw last weekend. :D

And where that all wound up after a day of "can't pull me away from this!" :D

I'm going to set him way way aside for a good long time and get back to more pressing things now. :D Pony who's also got to wait for further attention is very curious about him...

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