Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct 1st evening's medallion - after dinner playing again

Edit later on to post this updated pic that I finally got the camera "macro" setting on to take! :D

I'm not sure these are really going anywhere. I see SO many flaws (relief and flat artwork relying on giving proper perspective doesn't come naturally at all to me). I'm focusing working on improving my eye for proportion in shorter periods of time (ok, well at ALL)! ;) I'm not allowing myself to even take quickie measurements like I normally would (ratio measurements I mean - comparing length of this to that). These are just "freehand" exercises.

It's also a great excuse to bust out with the nice scented candles! (I like to warm the tools).

The goal I've set for myself is to get as far as possible after dinner before going to sleep.... so my fella watched 'The Green Mile' and I just listened while whittling away. Course I had to leave the room during the part at the end that's profoundly sad. I've learned that tear jerkers (I'm a pushover with any), are not conducive to sculpting/painting/anything. Can't work while crying - and even just listening to sad movies can get me all misty and unable to work.

ANYHOW, so we'll see. I may try to make some ornaments for the family for Christmas. It's getting a bit late for that now however. Hrmm.... So at any rate though, this is todays "challenge" to myself. It's like being back in school again...! :D

I may have to focus on fixing up/refining something however... or tossing out.. because I don't have the shelf space for even these... It could get ugly trying to keep any around..! :-P


elf said...

THAT would be an awesome medallion Morgen!! If you made it I'd have to add it to my collection... ;)

Becky Turner said...

Hey Morgan,
A tip.. get a alcohol burner and fill it with denatured alcohol and use that for your tools.. they wont turn black that way and discolor your clay at all.. . they have a nice plastic bottle one with marbles in the bottom so it wont tip over at I think its like 8 bucks or so... well worth it.. just make sure to keep it capped as it will evaporate over time... happy sculpting! Oh one thing.. try out the willow wax.. ( or at they carry castilene similar to willow wax) they do have a firm enough one that you don't need any wire armatures ( I use them anyways ) and yes it will stand even in your heat.. I used it when I lived in arizona and had no problems at all.. ask for sample packs so you can try out the different kinds.. I think its like 5 bucks or so for each sample but he gives you enough to do a few stalemates or more! and you can mix them together.. like use the firmer for the limbs and tail.. great stuff! oh and if you bump it.. no problems.. it wont leave a mark! kinda like using epoxy as for detailing.. but without any cutting... its really nothing like clay... it has clay in it.. more for the softer kinds, but even the softest will hold for and wont droop and will stand with just wire for holding up the body.. or without wire for like long mane or tail wisps..
Rebecca Turner

Morgen said...

Tx Elf! :) And this sort of addresses Becky too - I am still learning the more refined properties of this stuff that's so soft. I'm not sure I can get suitable detail hobby-standards tend to want... but I sure like it for gifts so I may just try casting if I can work out some things that I don't like about it right now. :)

I'm also going to keep playing.. and to Becky - absolutely plan to try the Willow waxes as well. :D Wax (wax "clay") is actually what I hope to move on to sooner or later with whole horses.... it's just getting the detail in/to stay. This plastaline is wax based and it does do fun things like waxes but yeah... not so firm even when 'cool'... So that's REALLY helpful to know about the strength in the heat too Becky! Tx! :D