Thursday, March 10, 2011

New faces and new stories to share :)

I've been typing too much today and need to get back to work now..! :) I posted these to my site however and will try to have some as magnets this weekend... aaaaaaannnd...

I shared the low down on my relief sculpture online finally. I hope to get him cast soon;

I put more info here; and hope you'll read it - I think it's a cool story but I can't vouch for the storyteller in this case (blushes).

PS. I guess I should add that my dad (who is currently living out there with Dorothy in AZ) reported yesterday that Dorothy seemed very pleased with the likeness in her gift here. I honestly was pretty worried about that - she doesn't exactly hold back her opinions at 94 (not sure if she ever did but she sure doesn't now). Whew! :)

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Anonymous said...

You are a fine storyteller. The sculpture is gorgous and the story itself was very touching.