Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scenes from a soggy event today

The soggy event was the Southern Pines Horse Trials II. These were taken from our vehicle! It was pouring and I got out and walked the dog around and talked to some folks but my fiance was having none of it. I wasn't about to bring my studio camera out into the rain however so towards the end he drove across the park and found this water combination where I could actually capture the last few riders going through. In better weather I really would've gotten some fabulous reference pictures from up close. I have some good ones at least. I share these just to show the place a little. My most reference worthy pics have cars in the background and such! :)

I've gotten so much feedback about the foal too. I'm very happy to know it wasn't "just me" thinking he's the cat's jammies! :) I'm plugging along on him & "Kipling" (the pony on the stick from a few more posts back). They'll both be released in resin soon enough, I promise. In the meantime I'm trying not to post photos each and every time I make some changes, keeping a bit more diverse for the reader here. Mind you my life usually (bad pun coming up warning!!!).. is normally pretty unEVENTful... sorry. Had to do it. :D Anyhow, perhaps after the fact I'll share the clay-mation to hard prototype stories. I'm rather anxious about that though and would prefer not to jinx myself. One way or another I'll share more soon but I simply don't know yet what I want to do. I'd said to my yahoo group tentative plans for selling the pony as a very limited time frame. I'll have to see how that works out. I'm overall shooting for being more prolific as a sculptor in general, and thus (out of necessity!), limiting edition sizes a bit more. So this is my generalized goal and we'll see how it works out. You can probably bank on being able to totally laugh at me later this year and say "gee Morgen, how's that working out for ya?". ;)

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