Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Old things & new things! :)

First off, the option of resin in black I will mention once more today here (I posted to my group as well), however I won’t put a button for it on the web page here http://www.artbymorgen.com/johann.htm because I’ll only be ordering 1 more batch of this edition so after I do that the option to special order black ones won’t be available.

I know I’m posting it everywhere too, (forgive the redundancy!) but the dark (dyed) resin is really nice for both prepping and handling down the road. Painted white resin can show white rubs (I’m always being asked at shows to touch up someone’s horse or if I had this or that color paint…), whereas at least black rubs and scratches are a little less glaring and noticable. It’s not for everyone, many folks like to do their finish work over white primer or gesso and this may still show white around a scratch or rub. Me well, I paint over rust colored primer usually myself because it’s the thinnest primer leaving the most detail – but maybe that’s why those eartips rub easier? Grins!

Ok, quick weekend wrap up… I love meeting new customers in new areas…! I went to Carolina Gold Classic, it was an exceptionally big show – 50 entrants! I’m used to shows with around 30 so this was fun, but I was probably zombified… I get excited the night before shows and events and tend not to fall asleep so easily. I’ve tried everything but sleeping pills and I just refuse.. it’s been a lifelong issue (as in I can remember field trips in elementary school where I would be so jazzed up I’d get no sleep the night before too). The real solution is to get out and do these more often! ;)

I brought along a small truckload of miniature tack (this is thus far the only thing I really collect and obsess over)... all because I simply didn’t take the time to sort through it for the 4 classes I’d hoped to dress up one particular horse in a set of classes I hadn’t put her in yet (English). Anyhow, well, I messed up and wound up not showing her after all! HA! But I’m glad I did because I got to lend out tack and meet some new folks that way too. It was good day all in all!

Now to prepare for the Stoneybrook Steeplechase where I’ll have a tent. In the meantime I’ll be out there at the Carolina Horse park taking reference photos in 2 weeks at their first big 3 day event. Looking forward to sharing some photos of this soon.

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