Friday, May 20, 2011

Articulations from the inarticulate

Something else I’ve been making whilst on the phone. I can’t type, read and because of my phone reception (lack thereof!) I can’t go far (very few places in my home get reception well enough to tak for long periods of time on the phone)..sometimes soooooooo a lot of projects here are borne out of grabbing what’s at hand. This is for a book I've been picking at for 3-4 years I guess now.. (lots of illustrations examples needed so don't look for it anytime soon either!!). :)

So in this case this is a photo I took from Stoneybrook Steeplechase that I’m converting to show skeletal articulation points. Kinda a fun effect to share. I have little else new to share here except a lot of painting projects I’d rather wait and photograph properly. But I grabbed this again for a bit today & thought to share it here… for lack of having anything else to speak of! ;)

Next week I hope to be ready to show something actually for sale again though! ;)

PS - don't look too closely at that overlay of the skeleton! I've got to redraw (I do the drawing the old fashioned way with a pencil), and there's even two tail bones in there where I was fiddling around! (nevermind missing bits of bone). Still, the gist of "find the point of shoulder & stifle" come through... enough for a teaching tool if needed (this summer - until I have the time to draw the rest properly) so yay!

I heavily watermarked since it's an inprogress thing... don't take this one! lol! It's not 100% correct! ;)


Carol said...

Very cool, Morgen! I love your drawing style :-)I'm intrigued about the book...

Sonya Johnson said...

Cool idea :o). Looks really neat thus far!

You used pencil over the photo, then? It looks like gouache or other matte medium as well.

Morgen said...

For the horse sans rider I did pencil & shading over the picture. For the second however I used a Seton skeleton (believe it or not I got permission from his estate to use his illustrations in my book) that I modified in Flash. I have Adobe Illustrator too but I prefer Flash for my vector work primarily (and can always switch it up if i have to). HOWEVER, (before I get too off tangent), I'm going to go back and redraw the skeleton, scan it and overlay it again.

Truthfully here I was just trying to get a feel for it. I tried a real skeleton too. Because the horse is at a 3/4 angle some things change. Sooo this is what I mean about not being 100% correct. There's a notch behind the humerus for example that's showing which shouldn't be. This is stuff I have to work out with my visible horse.

But for a Breyerfest class it's FINE imo. :D And it gives me incentitve and "points" again to do my skeletal drawing phase when I get to it.

I'm also trying to work out in my head the best visual ways to display things a horse artist needs to try to visualize? :) I like illustration that show anatomy in action but they fall short for me often because you don't see the flesh of it. A racehorse is a good simple start b/c of the lack of fat but ultimately I want to work over to horses with very little definition... this is why I've mentioned before using Martina Vannelli's photos of the Criollos. They're sooooo dynamic but yet they don't have easily discernible "points" until you know where to look for them.

Omg that was WAY tmi for this simple question. Sorry! :D