Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Functional art for sale! :)

I do so love to make functional art. One of my favorite things to do was make the famous "horse butt" (looped tail for a handle) coffee mug in pottery classes & situations when I had to come up with an idea for making earthenware. Not original but fun as heck to use too! :D

Anyhow, so today I released my latest work Gleep. You've seen him here last year, around this time actually (!) mid-May, I started him (somewhere inside the original is a jelly jar lid!) . He's actually been completed for a while but it took some coaxing by Lauren and Jenn to cast him. Relief works can look so odd without color, I'm exceptionally full of the warm fuzzies that these ladies brought them to life so to speak & are doing a couple more!

In the meantime, the page is here; http://www.artbymorgen.com/gleep.htm

Here's the real Gleep putting his beggar face on;

So yeah, the real guy is still cuter but he's sure fun to paint! :D

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