Friday, May 6, 2011

"Little Man Mango" wrapping up...

Added Mon May 16th! Opps! I thought I updated this post a whole week ago. Maybe it didn't submit properly. Anyhow, well Little Man Mango reservations now up being taken, details on my website. He's only available until June 7th (3 more weeks):

A favorite angle.. I feel sleepy like this myself! In the enlargement you can probably see his sleepy eye lids - actually very easy to find references of all kinds too. Lots of tired babies out there!!

One week later and I’m ready to start down the homestretch with this Thoroughbred colt! Ok, sorry, Derby fever over here!

I’ve spent the majority of the past week adding the rest of the feet and legs to this colt. If you compare with my last post you’ll see that the bottoms were shorn off. Since I initially started this sculpture last month in fun I didn’t want to get the piano wire out and try to pull him up, put in more underneath & create the bottoms of the legs. It wasn’t that hard to be honest to do it post-casting… just a lot of detailing/smoothing out.

I think this is is one of my favorite shots for all the fun details I got to pack in because he's all scrunched up.. any second though he's going to tip over and stretch out again however! ;) Ah but no seriously, you can see a lot of the detail in the enlarged pic. I'm still not happy with these shots. Lighting either washes out detail or hides so much in a work like this where there are nooks and crannies like this. Back into the photo studio!

Now he’s gotten every little divot and detail addressed. I confess I give these production master sculptures a wee bit more of a once over when the primer is fully dry. This prevents things like ‘dusty’ or gritty details in areas like the nostrils. So what the casters generally get in a master isn’t as photogenic, the primer is buffed here and there and not uniform in color (but smoother than sprayed on primer is).

At any rate, so I have that to do this weekend – but first I need to get the final ‘product shots’. I haven’t picked a day to release him but it will probably be next week. I’ll be informing my yahoogroup first. They will certainly be the first to see the final albums! ;) But here are a few shots for my loyal blog readers in the meantime!!! :) More next week..

Added in Friday evening...One last pic for today;


C Miller said...

Morgen, your talent amazes me. You have such a wonderful "feel" for every tiny detail, every little thing that makes a sculpture come alive. This little guy definitely has a home with me. I can't wait to see what's next!

Morgen said...

Why thank you!

Anonymous said...

I saw this video on Lolcats and instantly thought of Little Man Mango. He's so cute and expressive of this special moment!

Morgen said...

that's seriously cute - but the sounds it makes are so unexpected to me! :D