Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pausing to go "awwww"! :)

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I'm juggling a lot of email replying right now (in case you're waiting on one - sorry!) ... aand then next gearing up for some long overdue projects I'd put off until after the madness in Lexington.. and now I must face the music & hop to it! :)

Still though .. I just had to share this MUG!

Anja Schmidt of Germany sent me a photo of her Little Man Mango all painted up (painted by her). I'm a huge fan of baby bay too so just it made me go awwww (and I just had to post while I have a coffee break here - yawn!- Man! BF takes so much out of you!!!).. :D

The next batch of Little Man Mango's have been mailed (up to #19) but I've got some more figuring before my list is up to date (amongst those emails to-do are confirmations of paying off - coming soon guys - promise!!).

Anyhow, tx Anja!

Edit add on:
I would be SO remiss if I didn't mention somewhere again how super clean/easy to prep these castings have been! Barry Moore of Bearcast LLC is just doing an amazing job. I still am not certain (see previous post here on the blog) of where all the seams are to be honest. Aaaaaaaand yes, I painted that one so that's saying something. They just disappear in many spots. Impressive! :)

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