Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something I haven't shared in a while...

This small (~4" x 4" tall so far) bust will hopefully become a trophy or standalone bust (I'm working on the options to have it be either), quite soon. I'm just balancing up the other side of his face. In order to do so I take photos of one side and reverse them... so why not share today quickly.

I didn't bring him to Lexington to share because, well, there was only so much I was going to risk bringing & having get smushed in this clay state! ;) (I had brought a medallion and a Criollo sculpture that each only had a day or two invested into them... and they sustained a little damage of course. I use soft clay so it's unavoidable nearly if you travel with them).

Little larger than life here! Click to really enlarge! :)

Next (after the off side gets these facial details,) I've got some neat (equally greco-roman style) ideas for the base - perhaps I can get to them this weekend. It's exceptionally humid here and I have some other works molded and ready for resin casting but the weather is .. not cooperating to say the least. (85% humidity when I woke up - it's almost down to 60% now but moisture is not your friend in resin casting). :/ Anyhow, hope everyone is staying cool!!! :)
& Later.. still waiting on something soooooo I'll share my mock up sketch here as well;

I'm thinking little horse shoe wreaths & chariot images around the first or second base. I'm getting help from my most skilled fellow here on both parts of the base (the upper disk[s] that I'll sculpt more on and then drilling the marble or granite bottom sections.). The dotted box around him is showing where I'll be doing my first rubber mold (and then I'd like to do some veins since this is like 1:8 scale and I really think the lots of little capillary neck veins will look appropriate ... but I'm not willing to mess up what I've done in the clay just to find out!) ;)

Also, I remembered when I last shared him here; Halloween of last year! Easy enough to remember! ;)


Carol said...

He looks great! Love the sketch, too ;-)

Morgen said...

Tx Carol! I just checked YOUR blog and the detail on that appaloosa is insane! :-o Rock on!! :D