Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some real pictures quickly...

Something a customer said to me today reminded me to go get (& share!) these photos.... speaking of big foals! Soooo here is "Little Man" Mango [Jam] as he was not such a little man anymore... at 5 months nearly the same height as mom,

And then a few weeks later he was weaned (yes a little early, for his mom's health actually),

And while I'm sharing - Mango with his first girlfriend, "Baby Sondae" (yup! the same one I sculpted bucking almost a decade ago there). He's telling her how much he loves her. We didn't keep them together long but he was already a gelding by then (for quite some time actually - just to be clear!). He still worshiped the ground she walked on. His very own Ginger (from Black Beauty - not South Park). ;)

Editing to add this in.. If I recall correctly she was like a whole year older - or at least 6 months or something... anyhow, he ultimately grew to only 16.2hh (or 17.3+hh when pumped up).. No but seriously, he was a bigun at first!

Just for fun I had to share those. You can see though how that lanky TB build really comes into play pretty quick with those babies though, huh. :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. What a cute, big guy. I absolutely adore that picture of him and Sondae, it's so sweet. :)