Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chimera 2D Battle Ponies!!!

Right now I'm supposed to be getting ready to rush out the door & leave but then I got these most awesome (what a hoot!) screen shots.  Battle Ponies from the 2D version of the game Chimera..

It's really rather addicting & not so hard at first.  I'm not particularly good at these sorts of game mind ya.  ANYHOW, the $19.95 special version is TOTALLY worth it imo AND it's a cool fundraiser for the 3D game licensing costs... so you're doing a good thing by buying it... NEVERMIND that you get your money back & then some with the discount coupons and specials offered.  I like the term "retro style" for the 2D aspect but it really makes me giggle to see names of people and works that I know.

I'll leave it at that... I'm late! But woohoo for battle ponies! (they're at a high level it'll probably take me a month to figure out how to get there.. I'm still trying to figure out what it means to "use a horse" as a weapon anyhow.  Too funny! :D

And if anyone else is interested in helping Sherry raise funds for the most cool 3D version definitely contact her. She's very awesome to work with! :)
(later Thurs evening)
Just got home to more, VIDEO showing how it works...

Ok, now I still don't know how it works but for all those who play computer games I'm sure this must explain some... it's definitely more complicated than anything I would've thought (& especially more than I would have figured out) but it's SO FUNNY to me all the same!  I love Caroline & Sheri there in their studios..  too much fun! :)

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