Friday, June 15, 2007

And now for something totally different..

While Hazel sits a drying (curing really)..

I've been getting so annoyed lately with this "challenge" of saving an old armature (to be fair, it's just that I'm constantly thwarted in my refining by bits of the old armature that no longer apply)... anyhow, so in the meantime (btwn hole filling) I just had to commit another idea I've had to form. I have a Morgan gelding boarder at my barn who is just SO dynamic. The chiro/accupuncture gal this weekend nick-named him "Gumby". He's just always so "on".

Anyhow, so here is how you are really supposed to start a sculpture. Carefully measure everything and then begin with boney points. I like to tape together card board and a firm paper (good adhesion properties) and then use small amounts of epoxie until it's stable enough to stand on it's own. I do so dig this stage though.

And in other news, a ton of links..

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