Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sad... Dremel Stylus conked out. :(

What else can I say there? We opened up the housing and tried to see if it was suffering a bad connection. It had it's moments when it came back to life. It's definitely fully charged. What else can you do? They don't build them to work for several hours a day .. daily. And I have to admit I am really far too attached to it now - it's light weight and ease of handling make it so user friendly for medium to very fine level work.

I have the other one (forget the name) with the long exension and pen-like hand held too. That thing has no power tho. Pft! Good for super fine detail but that's about it. :-P

Anyhow, so amusing pics. You can really see how I'm attempting to address the overall abdominal shape more now (which is where I'm cracking into the foam at every turn...). My next work is a LOT smaller and I don't plan to use foam this time. Solid epoxie all the way. So tired of this. So as you can see - in full light it looks like a marble horse;

Thus why I prime. Apoxie sculpt layers do this anyhow but this is rather extreme.

I also remembered to save links again for a few more fun tummy shots (well there's my focus anyhow);

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