Saturday, June 30, 2007

So not worth posting this but here ya go..

So terrifically useless almost - these sanded w/primer pics. I inverted it (like a film negative) because believe it or not, it was harder to comprehend flipped the other way - darker helps).

Soooooo since the show she's undergone a good deal of beating upon.
- changed neck length (lengthed a tad - well a good 1/4-1/8"! but also added more to the underside so this pic doesn't show)
-more body in spots, less in a few others
-serious endeavors into neck muscling now
-some facial proportions being tackled finally - she's even starting to get the other side of her head built (like she has 2 eyes now) ;)
-man, I dunno - a lot. Aaand I'm still on the fence as to if this is how I'd like her body type to be. ALTHOUGH, I really think she ought to be heavier, since I'm aiming for draft cross and the lighter types don't convey the power as much. Like I said earlier - she's not going to be an exact portrait. In fact I used to switch the names of Hazel and Barry (the two mares owned by Sue), and call them Basil and Harry... and then we'd joke that she owns "Harriet". I am toying with the idea of calling this gal Harriet. I'm also probably spelling that wrong but I'm not going to take the time to look it up. ;)

OH! I put a wire instead of the long clear peg. I kept breaking off the pegs and they're expensive!!! She'll ultimately have to be on a base. The option for a peg is easy enough for owners and I'll probably include instructions on how to make one simply -- but frankly, I envision myself breaking off them far too much on castings in my own handling. After an inch, a peg just doesn't work.

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