Friday, June 22, 2007

Primered for show tomorrow..

She has only one eye at the moment. All details on the "off" (left) side are completely rough. I like to focus on the side that's giving me the most trouble sometimes and then use measuring tools & photoshop flipped print outs to flip the horse's details around to match up the second side. I didn't even bother photographing the lack of eye. It's kinda creepy - ala horror movie effects when someone has their mouth disappear, ya know? lol!

What's kind of entertaining to me here is that I primered her gray and then waved a white coat from an arms length away to help the details "pop" out better. But in the photo that doesn't show up at all. It just looks like the kind of lighting set up a photoshoot should use. Frankly, I'm too rushed today to bother with that (dragging out all the lamps and hooking em up). Fwiw. :)

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