Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I’ll keep the reflecting brief here. Of all days I think today is a good day to reflect upon what’s good and happy in the world. I really don’t do this enough.

Today I am finding great hope and promise in this sculpture. Chuckle if you will if you’ve followed this but I can’t tell you how often I just wonder if I should throw something away – I have hope that my stubborn nature will prevail though…;)

I also have hope that family things will work themselves out, why elaborate? We all have odd families at best, right? ;)

And I have hope that human nature is basically good, that is to say the proclivity for benevolence exists in us all. :)

-notes on the biggest changes made here-

Mostly focused from the shoulders up to the entire head on the right side. The nostril area especially has been drastically wittled at and rearranged some since my last post. I can "feel" the character better now, she has a personality I like in other words.

-end notes - :)

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