Saturday, September 29, 2007

Much more fun this time :)

My dear dear SO (significant other) woke me up with many great birthday gifts. See if you can guess what the first one is..

Not entirely sure either? lol!

Yes, I had to ask too. I thought I knew but wasn't 100% sure. It's an dust filtration set up for the studio. He's an engineer and loves to fabricate his own tools and equipment (and old trucks & tractors too).

He made that from scrap pieces of stainless steel and only had to purchase the cords and fans inside. It's surprizingly light and quiet too!

Here's the inside housing with the replaceable filters removed...

I'm really tickled. :)

Then there were these tools that I immediately had to dash into the studio to go play with...

Now to explain more - I usually use the hemostat/wrapped bits of sand paper clipped in method. These are SO much faster and more wieldy! WOOT!!! There are a ton of replacement sandpaper belts with the kit too. He got them at a wood-carving store about an hour from here.. I really need to visit this place! Such a timely gift tho; I'm turning to the more minute sanding methods so often now instead of the Dremel Stylus (last year's b-day present which I became hooked on immediately too). ;)
Here's a pic of the whole tool AND..

aaaaaaaand yes, more clutter. He gave me a file organizing folder so I can have a little more space sans all the references (at least the print outs can fit in it and the books can be stacked easier).

He's such a good guy. Grins and cyber hugs him some more.

Breakfast to order was pancakes and kielbasa. No dieting today - bah! ;)

Ok, I think I'd better go pick up those papers and get that filter in there before he gets back now. :D

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