Monday, September 3, 2007

State of Hazel at the beginning of September now..

The perspective is probably very confusing for the viewer so I threw in the picture at the bottom too. I've started getting serious about the face on the right side now as well as really focusing on putting very specific muscles in specific places with the "tone" just so.

This is the point where it starts becoming a lot more fun. Stepping away from constant measuring and comparison and delving into the more exciting shapes of the piece! While you can see the type of nostril (flared but flat with inhaled or held breath) I had been aiming for. Now that I see how the light falls on it, for example, I am not so pleased. Details such as this are crucial to character and visual asthetics. I don't like to have such drastic extremes that the eye gets stuck on certain spots as mine does to her nose. She is missing some orator type muscling in there however still so that may make all the difference. Stay tuned I guess. :)

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