Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How this for a random collection of clutter...

..and dust! (embarrassing)

I didn't spray him here, don't worry! I just set him there to take the pic when he was dry. This is "dinky duke", a digitally miniaturized and inverted version of a larger sculpture I've done. I haven't painted one yet and since my studio time has been very punctuated lately I decided to prep and base coat one finally. I've liked this pattern (see real horse) for a long time and thought it would make for fun painting. I really enjoy blending white. :)

Tis all for today. I only have a few hours here.

Fall has arrived a month early (started in Aug really) and is in full force now! -pouts- I don't like the outdoor work so much in the colder weather. I defy my Nordic genetics. Anyhow, being productive though! :D

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