Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bunny ears. New/more sincere pics...

New gallery HERE

My title says one of the things that's immediately apparent to me right off the bat. Fwiw I don't think I mentioned that I finally got a new tail made up (ok, obviously it's really rough still of course). There's a Bosco in there for comparison (I need to speak with the caster before I think much more about the base/peg arrangement.. I don't want to find out something alarming later after I've spent time detailing her feetsies). I have started addressing the left side details/matching up now. Much measuring to do. Someone found a minor incongruity and this has prompted me to really remeasure (you can never do this enough) as I start matching up right and left side things. Then onto the more fun detail accentuations. :D

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