Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just another quickie of the head...

If you click on it you can REALLY see in large detail how rough she still really is. The mane and forelock especially but probably you'll be able to see it in other places.

I'm not taking these just to amuse myself. What I do is flip it in photoshop to help speed up detailing the other side to match. Measuring can only do so much. Like I said waaaay waay back in my 'Ambiturner' post, I am challenged when I try to do things in the opposite direction in strange ways, some things I can flip flop with ease, other things I can't. Some shapes for example I can do in either direction easily, other shapes.. well.. I sit there biting my tongue, furrowing my brow and really struggling to flip. Dane bramage I tell ya! :)

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