Saturday, December 1, 2007

Life in a vacuum..

(above) Fun black hole image from NASAs public domain archive

vac·u·um [vak-yoom, -yoo-uhm, -yuhm] From


a space entirely devoid of matter.


an enclosed space from which matter, esp. air, has been partially removed so that the matter or gas remaining in the space exerts less pressure than the atmosphere (opposed to plenum).


the state or degree of exhaustion in such an enclosed space.

Huh. SO that’s why one gets stir crazy (definition3)..

Despite being very busy all the time my primary sources of human interaction tend to be with my man in the evening and the occasional human who calls on the phone or stops by the barn. It’s a weird state to exist in. I’ve done a lot of customer service face to face in my lifetime (and of similar sorts in other fields – same principal of “serving”)… so to exist entirely through electronic communication primarily is sometimes really sucks the life out of ya!

Yesterday I was SERIOUSLY in a funk. Fortunately it was pretty clearly a hormonal peak. Fortunately for me also, my man could see I was utterly sapped and he took me out for a very nice (and costly – yikes!) Japanese Hibachi dinner. I didn’t really want to. I sorta had stopped feeling human what with all the poop that never ends and the coldness that creeps deep into your bones.. hay in my hair. epoxy under the nails. Just a robotic machine drifting from the same thing to the same thing. At times like those I guess it’s important to get out but honestly – sometimes you also feel completely inadequate to be social. It was a great idea to go somewhere where the chefs just throw food at you (literally) and entertain & interact but don’t expect witty conversation. ;) I highly recommend it to anyone who’s a little drained.

Working in a vacuum can be so deadly to the creative spirit too. I suffered from it a good deal at the end of my career as a web designer/webmaster. A few layoffs had removed most of my coworkers and the ones who remained were, uhm, not marketing savvy creative thinkers – or even familiar with the processes of producing materials. So there was no one to bounce ideas off of. Working at home listening to gawdawful TV shows, books on tape, or the crickets btwn my ears ;) is actually a step up from hearing nothing but the common rhetoric thrown around in cube farm industries.. still, I am mighty grateful for those who email me from time to time and send input – even unsolicited. You (a) brighten my day greatly! And (b) are a continuous source of hope that there are indeed continual happy customers out there. I love my human boarders (owners of the horses – haha – to think I could have more humans in this little apartment!) for this same reason. I don’t see them much but when I do, they are always full of happy feedback and gratitude. It really yanks me out of the black hole.

Most motivational speakers, theological preachers (of any denomination) and other inspiring sources place "being grateful" as one of life's most fundamental moving forces. It sometimes comes across as hokey sounding but man is it the truth.

So for today’s thoughts, may I suggest anyone starting to get sucked into winter blahs or holiday funk consider thinking of all those who ever say even the slightest kind/appreciative words. It really helps to reflect on things we’re grateful for like this. It’s a necessity really. Today (and I try to remember it every day but often get lax) I am extremely grateful for my wonderful customers who prevent the black hole vacuum from sucking me in. Tx guys!!!

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