Monday, March 10, 2008

Ack!!! What the heck man!?!

Ok, this is really becoming an issue. I swear. It will sound trite but it's NOT. lol!

I think it was exactly 2yrs ago to this month that I stopped riding altogether at the dressage barn. I know this because I had tendonitis in both elbows then, which means I went from asking to exercise the walk-only horses to asking not to ride at all. Point here being that I put away my half-chaps, spurs and RIDING GLOVES somewhere.

I neeeeeeeeed these SO badly.


I know, I know? WHA? A stupid post about some little cuts?

No really - every day 2x a day in the past two weeks since it's been too warm to wear the winter barn gloves, I've had nekkid hands. And every day SOMETHING I'm handling is giving me these fine little paper cuts. Ok, a few and you don't really notice/mind. But daily I've been trying like heck to figure out just exactly what's doing this. I've narrowed it down to the feeding areas objects. Sincerely though, I cannot for the life of me figure out when/how this happens!

And my hands are just in ribbons. Primarily my right hand.

I am hoping to HECK that when I wear the gloves again they'll snag on whatever is doing this so that I can duck-tape it up, sand it, or maybe even replace it.

Where is OHSA? Can I call them on myself? lol! -giggles-

Please though: wish me luck with this. It's gone beyond the intriguing mystery to the utterly maddening stage. Plus bleeding all over things is not cool. Don't the Chinese have some kind of paper cut torture method? I can imagine it's very effective. Very.

ACK! (off to drag out some totes now and pray I find those gloves!)


Alicia Vogel said...

I had the same problem. I just resolved myself to the fact that you can't have too many pair of gloves! I got my lightweights from State Line Tack for fairly on-the-cheap. I'm sure a hardware store or Tractor Supply has something equivalent.

I'm also a boot addict.:)

Morgen said...

lol - Alicia, ya, cost is important with those eh? No matter what I've done to prevent it I'm always poking holes through the tips with my nails (which aren't all that long!).

Thank you for understanding how annoying it can be. I could only find the most moldy gloves (really need to 86 them however there's hope with a washing?). Fortunately swapping out one last feeding scoop may have proved successful. Either that or I've become so sore I'm just holding things different. ;)

I used to have a mad Ariat boot obsession but now I'm into sturdy and mud-ready ones. lol! :D