Saturday, March 8, 2008

My list of people I am very grateful to for their input :)

Ok, this is a very important post to me.

In this niche hobby of sculpting horses I have found my fellow artists and clients to be the most supportive I've ever encountered in any artistic endeavor. As such, I have been mentally keeping a list of people I'm terribly grateful to... Grateful isn't nearly deep enough term to explain how appreciative I am when these words or emails come in at just the right time to give you the encouragement to keep going, or to click on the light bulb moment about what you are doing wrong. ;)

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: These are NOT commercial endorsements in ANY way. These are artist's and collectors, who I think deserve my most heartfelt thank you's for the TIME they have taken and the insights they have gone out of their way to share with me.

Whether you share a simple word or two, or go all out and wrote pages or talked to me for hours about your impressions and tips - all of your input guys, ALL of it has REALLY been a motivator for me; as well as simply a huge help at times when I'm stuck!

Bless you all!

It's common knowledge I suppose that artists often need/want outside eyes from time to time, but in the past when I have gotten help as well but I just never took the time to write it all down anywhere (nor did I have a blog to serve this purpose so woohoo for blogs!). This time, with this mare,especially since she has changed so much over time (improved I hope!) and diverged from my initial measurements of the real horse, that I sincerely can't express how appreciative I am of everyone's input & guidance. Sincerely. Can't say it enough!! I also think it's important to note how wonderfully helpful artists can be to one another. Gives me big warm fuzzies to be honest.

So with that said, in no particular order or level of input or inspiration, my utmost thanks go out to:

Sandy Lysles, Jackie Arns, Danelle Gatcombe, Michelle Platt, Tom Bainbridge, Anja, Fluer Veldkamp, Sarah Rose, Melissa Mistretta, Mel Miller, Heather Roell, Mary Caudill, Cassie Black, Carol Williams, Tracey Tariska, Kim Kiley, Carrie Sapp, Marilou Mol, Danielle Feldman, Caroline Boydston, Carol Huddleston, Mary Hirsch, Kate Cabot, Ann Harris, Liesl Dalpe, Sonya Johnson, Rayvin Brewer, Sandra Hottinger, Janice Kall, Lynn Fraley, Maggie Bennett, Stephanie Michaud, Lisa Gruetter, Sheri Rhodes, Will Rhodes, Skye Scioloto, Tia Lurie, Becky Turner, Danelle Gatcombe, Saana Magga, Lori Odishoo, Celeste Gerber, Jenn Danza, Julie Pritchard, Kim Bjorgo-Thorne,Yvonne Davey, Pat Coulter, Tibbi Searcher, Erin Schaefer, Paul Saunders, Liz Shaw, "twelvetrees", Michelle Thorsteinson, "ode2chumly", "For the love of horses", Kim Shepard, Lynda Strohmeyer, "breyerhorselover!", Karyn Ketner, Melissa Nei, Heather Abounader, Tina DeCaussin, Teresa Buzzell, Amanda Zims, Jennifer Irwin, "'NaradaOF", Corrie McDermott, "trillwing", Cindy Williams, Heather Downing, Jody H, Paige Easley Patty, Shelby Sly, Kirsten Wellman, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, Tracy Eilers, Daphne Mazuz, Ramie Nunally, Donna Lorello, Chris Nandell, Eliz Hinterkeuser, Jennifer Buxton, Kristi Sawin, Eliz LaRose
& There are so many more I can think of whom I've talked to in person or accidentally deleted their emails instead of sorting to a folder of comments. Anyhow, there are less than a hundred people there (so terribly sorry !!! if I've mispelled your name too!), shoot - I don't even know some of the real names there associated with the screen names (!) and yet I know I own hundreds of folks thanks for their input. Region 10 folks especially - thanks guys!

Again I cannot tell you all how appreciative I am of you putting up with me! Whether it was just a few words you went out of your way to share with me, ooooor whether it was hours on the phone or taking the time at a busy live show to repeatedly studying her and hand me a few clues. Thank you.

She's come a long way since I started her

& Now:

The people along the way have made the journey worth it. :)


Kiko said...

AW thanks, Morgen!

I am very excited by her release tonight...I have so many plans for her. I may even have tack for her big behind already. She might even be Harpo's sister!

Jackie A

Corrie McDermott said...

That is really sweet, Morgen. The thanks certainly goes to you for all your hard work in creating these fantastic sculptures as well as you just being you! I always enjoy spending time with you at the shows and seeing what you are working on. We need more "Morgen's" in this hobby.


Tia Lurie said...

Awwwww Morgen!!!! You're an amazing artist and I feel tickled pink that any input or comments I may have made went anywhere with you! You're one of the people *I* draw inspiration from!

Hazel is GORGEOUS and soon, once I can get my hands on a copy, *IF* I can get my hands on a copy, she will find herself painted by me, loved by me, shown by me, and have a very special place on my shelf.

You've created another masterpiece!!!! Congratulations!

With love,
-Tia L

C.S.Richmond Studios said...

Thank you Morgen! I love your work and Hazel is fantastic! I can't wait to own a I'm thinking some appy colors would look great on her!
Splendid work!

Sandra Hottinger

Sandy said...

Thanks Morgen! I know you worked very hard on every aspect of her, and it's nice to know we were able to help you achieve this goal.
Sandy Lyles

Melissa Mistretta said...

Aww, shucks! Thank YOU, Morgen. Hazel looks splendid. Congratulations on finishing another awesome sculpt! :)