Friday, March 7, 2008

How-to contact me if your emails are NOT getting through (bouncing or no response after a reasonable period)

News as of early April: I have a second email address which resolves a LOT!

I have now turned the comments on and allow "Anonymous" comments for non-blogger subscribers.

Here's what happens if you use "Comments" to contact me:

  1. You post a comment ANONYMOUSLY (this is KEY -> "anonymous" being selected is very important!)
  2. Put your email or a way I can look you up to contact you
  3. An email comes to ME but the comment does NOT get posted... and if it contains sensitive info like contact emails I will delete it after I retrieve it. Then I can send you my phone # so we can work sales info out sans the hassle of bouncing emails. :)

That's it really. It's not perfect but I prefer to have multiple ways to be contacted.

Alternatively I am also a member of "Blab" and "The Watering Hole" and "MH$P". Submitting msgs through those are great ways to contact me as well.

I'm so proud of myself for figuring out how to turn the comments on. Such exciting technical challenges in ones life. Eh? ;)


Anonymous said...

I had to approve of this comment for it to pass through.. make sense? I can delete comments with contact info and once I've written to you, your email is very likely not to bounce after that. Hope that's clear as mud! :D -Morgen

Morgen said...

Karen - replies keep bouncing. You're moved now though!