Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hazel can do it all! :D

I've been wanting to do this for months now. Finally had the time this afternoon to take some of the cleared out photos and find some copyright free action pictures to overlay/merge...

Viola! Hazel going wild!!

Tent pegging... ever heard of it? Me neither! (original here; )

(I should've really put a bridle in there but we'll just call this my nod to Stacey Westfall) :)

Ok, so EVERYONE wants to see her in jousting wear.. and there ya go! The angle matched up in this one really well too. (some are pretty bad, like the next one..)

Told ya!

I kinda wanted to leave the original horse in there too - it was a near to perfect match. That original is on wiki too.

Even those ponying horses need a work out now and then, eh? lol!

And watch out for the polo referee who rides the mighty mare! WhooHA! Power polo!!

And at the end of a hard working mare's day she gallops off into the moonlight. Well only a man's work is done at dusk, right? ;)

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