Thursday, July 3, 2008

[addenum to last!] Ok, color me INGRATE (blushes)

I left of a HUGE update earlier today (yesterday I guess now) when I posted all that below. I owe some people some heavy duty thank you’s!!!

I have to laugh b/c I spent all this time going wild and inadvertently left out the more important half (imo!) of my items I needed to get to… lets start with thank you’s ...

from NWC; Mel Miller – bless you for your help at the last minute with EVERYTHING.

From DKL; Heather Roell, you are SUCH a saint and really too sweet to be so concerned. It all worked out!
J I had a great time talking to you too & hear it was a good show so RELAX! J

From HVC; Jackie Arns performance tackaholic! This woman not only accepted my request to proxy Janice’s Hazel in performance & halter (at the 11th hour) since I got drafted, she did it in style and really pulled out all the stops. To be honest, I don’t think performance is about the horse so much as it is about having the tack on right and the scene set up correct (which is why I don’t do it). ROCK on woman! Thank you!!!

Jackie’s little “Otto” that I painted for her a few years back now also didn’t do so shabby the following weekend at NEMHC… ;)

Another winner I spied in the top results @ NEMHC British Pony Breeds (18 entries)

  1. Bruce (SMB “Otto” painted by me and owned by Jackie Arns) placed first in breed and workmanship under Jen Al-Beik and Sonya Johnson and took home a Top Ten in Workmanship :)

… I didn’t spy any pics showing him WITH the ribbons but here he is getting ready to fight the bigger fellows I guess :) (added on! :) I just got this sent to me from Jackie--> Pic of Bruce at RXR this past year!)


Also at NEMHC (I really REALLY didn’t look at the tables but I did recognize this name in the results!) J is that Ann Harris’s always dapper “Clever Hans” didn’t do so bad in a class of 22 “European Warmblood” entries for both halter and workmanship either imo. .. ;) (I so dig him and he has gone “all the way” in performance I hear too?)

Also of note for a winner is that at Hudson Valley Classic..

Thoroughbred/Standardbred (11 entries)

  1. Flame (CMc) owned by Corrie McDermott & painted by Danelle Gatcombe (pics of him here and here; ) took first in workmanship under judge Karen Pajack

And my last thank you is that I really need to thank LISA again (miss Gruetter is a world of help too) for showing Vanessa’s proxy horse there at HVC. And also for her help with a lot of last minute things that weekend... you know m'dear - thank you! :D

(((HUGS to everyone for their help!!!))) J

Righto, so I wanted to get this up tonight asap.. even though it’s a little choppy and might not make sense when I look at it tomorrow. But MAN did I feel bad about leaving off the thank you’s most especially! Yipes! (these things come to you when you are FAR away from computers of course) ;)

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