Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Picture pages picture pages.. up at long last!

Chipping away at the website updates here…


I’ve added 19 new pics to the winners gallery – some at long last that came in after the weekend updates but that we older show results. Some that I dug out of the corners of my in-box that I've missed.. I even remembered to put them in order so the newer ones (well newly added at least) are first ...that would make more sense for the viewer, huh? As always, if there’s a mistake (misspelling, anything!) in there PLEASE let me know! Tx! (morgen@one-horse.net)

Oh SHOOT! I haven’t announced it here but yeah… my website has a whole new look and fun “paypal” buttons (and easier ordering info) on Hazel’s page thanks to the help of my friends..! And with that, I gotta run for today..

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