Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sneak peek of "bitty bosco" prototype ...

He's been more or less wrapped up like this for a while. (small voice here - hahaha) Most of my hemming and hawing has been about the financial risks of fronting the chunk of capital into the scanning and then needing a lot of time afterwards to refine the miniaturized product to be as exciting as the original (one hopes!). Sooooo... since they are rather big changes to some of his "look" I do think I ought to throw him out for input before I rush him off to the scanning company. I could do that as early as next week so please, if you spot something really awry please lmk asap tx! ;)

What's going on??? Why is he different at all???

Here's my thoughts & reasonings on that:

Point #1 every scale has it's pro's and con's from the aesthetic to the technical. Aesthetically 'in theory' something should look identical small as to big (if you are skilled enough to recreate the detail at that particular scale). That being said, in reality, on a shelf or on a table, the two have very different looks strangely sometimes. Human real life depth perception is simply going to relay to the brain "it looks a little different!" even if it's not... just like the statue of liberty model in your hand might look different when standing close to the real life statue.. hopefully that made some sense?

Moreso however I was thinking of lighting... In this case I have a horse who's already tilting his head into shadow on his "show" side. So when you look at this in a mini version, (especially in a dimly lit area), you'll have an even harder time seeing anything of coloration about the face. So I made about 8 different cuts into the neck around the poll area to tilt the head back to a more upright position. :) As I say in the comments, personally I like it or I wouldn't have done it.. although it might VASTLY change the "look" of the sculpture in other folk's eyes. Now would be the time for me to know this I guess... ;)

Point #2 real world technical issues. Lazer scanning tucked away areas is a very tricky matter. This is actually why I picked Duke first - his legs are apart and the tail doesn't create hidden zones like the original El Embosco's tail does. The tail really is tricky there, the fact that his hind feet are pretty close in his prancing also compounds the complications to be overcome. Lastly, in the mini version casting resins with tricky tails is simply hard.. it could require a whole nother mold section.. and the more mold sections you need the more shifting and distortion of the final product you introduce (nevermind seams!!). Oh, and of course last lastly - lol! - I have prepped more than a few large Bosco's tails and thighs and lemme tell ya, I wasn't thinking it would be a great idea to do it in a fraction of the size (hard to get at!).

So there you go. Some of my reasons.

I'm going to present everything in a little set of pictures with comments on them to clarify better I hope. I would REALLY like to hear of any dire reactions/concerns people have before I proceed forward. I've been hearing cries for "bitty bosco" since before there was a "dinky duke".. ;) All the same, I'm not one to rush fwd on this sort of thing without really addressing known and anticipated technical issues as thoroughly as possible first.

And on to the show. :D
(click to see enlargements)

I have the comments turned on now but they are "moderated" so I have to approve of them to come through. If you want to say something privately - just ask that I not post it. You can submit thoughts anonymously too. And of course I can be written at

Thanks for looking and wish me a trouble-free journey through the rest of this! :) It get's exciting (in a nerve wracking way sometimes!!) from here...! (8-o


T Bradshaw said...

Hi Morgen,
I love the changes, I think he looks great. I like how you have changed the tilt of his head, it makes a nice difference. I definitely want a couple:)

Pat Mullins said...

Hi Morgan, I think you're quite right to turn the head, especially as it will be applied to a SM sized horse -- it will give it a cleaner look. As for cutting some of the forelock, I think that would also provide a nicer look to the smaller horse.

Pat Mullins

Cassie Black said...

Morgan, I really like the new version, go for it! Cassie Black

Katie Langford said...

Hi Morgen,
the changes look great to me! The head and neck turn seem to give the new one maybe a touch more elegance, and will work out better on a mini anyways :) Can't wait to see how the mini will turn out

Anonymous said...

As always your work is excellent! I love that you have moved the tail so that we can get at those areas easier; not all artists would be so concerned about the technical aspects of painting their work like you are. I also agree with everyone else with the head being turned to the light. I believe even with the changes that you have still kept the spirit of the original Bosco in "bitty" form.
Well Done!
-Cinda Rich

Anonymous said...

I like the changes, actually like this version better than the original and I love my Bosco :)

I do keep looking at him though and wish that his offside ear were forward, not sure why, perhaps to direct some of his interest forward, so much about him says he is only concerned with what is going on behind him.

I will definitely be interested in purchasing a piece or two.

Liz Shaw

Herecumztrubble0 said...

As much as I like the biggun bosco, I think the newer version is great! :)

Anonymous said...

Mogan, I LOVE the little changes that you have made. One of the things that has bugged me about people casting mini versions of larger models is that they are too identical. It makes owning the large versioin of the model a little less special.
I wish more artists would make small changes in the mini versions, to set them off, a tad, from the larger versions.

I'm really glad that you chose to make these little changes. While he still looks the same, he's just a little bit different, too, and that makes BOTH versions 'special', in my opinion.

Also, as you noted, some things just don't translate as well, and by making some adjustments to the mane & tail, it might make prepping and painting a little easier. GREAT JOB!

Sheila Anderson said...

The changes are perfect! I like it much better on the mini. From a painter's point of view it will make painting and photographing the model much easier too! I will be picking a few of these up myself! LOVE it!!!

Sheila Anderson

Morgen said...

Thank you guys. :)

It's really hard for me the sculptor to decide if I've departed from the aspect of the composition that holds the appeal to buyers. Btwn these comments and emails with input, I've really gathered that I haven't "ruined" him. lol!

Liz, I'm all fer letting folks do what they like in customizations - so please don't worry if you want to in the future fwiw. :)

To the anonymous comment about big verses mini and making the big ones less valuable.. exactly! That's a BIG fear of mine. I don't want to devalue the big ones and I'd also like for them to be immediately obvious upon looking at. Which is why I want to flip him in the electronic file and have him reversed. ;) It's *weird* as anything tho for me to look at in reverse until I'm actually holding it. With "dinky duke" I couldn't picture it at all. Now my mind sorta stumbles trying to remember which direction the original goes in.. but the TAIL. I can envision the tail on the big or the little one with perfect photographic recall. I rambled about that on my ambidexterity post but fwiw I guess it's a funny thing for me to be so strangely dyslexic like that (that I can't tell the difference easily in my own work when it's switched in reverse). It's a novelty. I'll leave it at taht. ;)

The good news guys is I got off the phone with the 3D laser scanning company and we're good to go next week. Woohoo!