Thursday, July 3, 2008

So much NEWS! :)

Whew, well where do I begin???

I will save the full low downs and explanations for my yahoogroup post shortly. HOWEVER, I am going to let the world know this so that anyone not spying my yahoogroup post doesn't wonder why Lisa is emailing them and not me.. ;)

I am SO pleased to announce that Lisa Gruetter has accepted my request (begging and pleading) to help take over some daunting aspects of organizing sales. Lisa lives quite near to me but that’s not really the reason I asked her to do so: she’s one of the most organized hobbyists I know. She runs a very tight ship. I think this goes hand in hand with being a Navy wife for 18years. ;)

>>>TIME PAYMENTS<<< (yesssssss I know everyone's been begging me and I've balked so much over the years but Lisa is all about keeping on top of them so WOOT for everyone!) Emails coming from are now likely to be from Lisa (she'll sign). I have access to it all still so don't worry there. :) Contact me directly through (or artbymorgen if you've had that bouncing issue in the past). It's all good - I'll see/hear about it eventually. :D You'll just get a MUCH more prompt reply from Lisa than me. ;) Here is Lisa's Greeting Letter(I dubbed her title fwiw) :)


I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Lisa Gruetter. Some of you may already know or have heard of me. I have been an active part of the hobby since 2002 and been a bookkeeper since 1997.

I will be taking over the bookkeeping and most online sales for Art by Morgen. Why? Morgen asked then begged. LOL Seriously, Morgen and I both felt she needed a bookkeeping intervention for her studio which will free her to more of what we all would like her to do… be an artist and not a bookkeeper. J

As we progress into the implementation of the new system, I’ll be posting new sales terms for Hazel along with some new business practices, like Time Payments! YEAH! And… Morgen possibly one day taking on more commission pieces!

Morgen will be “lurking” in on all transactions and ready to answer any questions that you may have that I cannot answer for you. J

We hope that this will make a more streamlined process for Morgen’s customers; giving you more complete updated order status, timely communications and better customer service.

Thank you,

Lisa Gruetter

“Bookkeeper & Organizer Extraordinaire!” "

The MARE everyone is asking about of course is the real mare Lizzy from my last posts. She has been back for a while and I'm confident in saying she's doing a great job of recovering. She spent a week at Tufts and had lost some weight. But lookit her now! :)

I took some reference photos of my donkey & the rest of the herd for fun (curled lip shots of my boy).

Weekend Winner’s Update (maybe this should read "month's winner update?")

I haven’t even had the time to update the “Weekend Winner’s Update” page for (yikes, a month I guess!) to my blog but will do so shortly. I did manage to write down results below. I should have the photos saved and up to my blog in the next day or so. I also REALLY need to THANK Vanessa Dahl for her Mindy commission idea. She’s done quite well also, her results are below as well (she’s “Fancy Foo”). ;) More super close up photos are here:

May 17th and 18th North West Congress (NWC)

  • 2nd Artist Resin Sport Part Bred / Other Pure [split] (judge Diana Patterson) (9 entries?)
  • 6th Artist Resin Bay (judge Robin Lee) ("four tables" of entries - that's all I have for any idea on that one)

NEMHC Summer Live June 22nd 2008

Class AR Other Sport/Coaching Breeds (22 entries)

  • 3rd Breed (judge Jen Al-Beik)
  • 2nd Workmanship (judge Sonya Johnson)

Hudson Valley Classic June 14th 2008

Division OPEN CM/AR PERFORMANCE (division judged by Danielle Miller)

  • 1st Hunter/Jumper/Cross Country (6 entries)
  • 1st Other English (6entries)
  • 1st English Trail (6 entries)
  • 2nd Dressage (4 entries)
  • 2nd Huntseat Pleasure (6 entries)
  • English Division Champ
  • Overall Open CM/AR Performance Reserve Champion

Div OPEN CM/AR HALTER – BREED & WORKMANSHIP Class ‘Other Sport/Carriage Breeds’ (10 entries)

  • 3rd Breed (judged by Danielle Miller)
  • 1st Workmanship (class judged by Karen Pajack)

  • Open CM/AR 21 classes combined to give Division Top Ten – no champ/reserve (again judged by Karen Pajack)

Current tally of 8 NAN cards (5 performance and 3 from each for halter) & yeah, I forgot to put them all in her updated pic but it's still fun to see her little hoard grow. Rock on bay woman! :)

Congrats Janice Kall on your popular gal! I’m indebted to you for letting me use her as a national tour display model like this. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you Janice!!!

~~~~& Next – “Fancy Foo” the “ordinary” roan Mindy owned by Vanessa Dahl..

(Bless the judges for using the magnifying glasses to SEE those crazy tiny hairs I spent all these months laying down and blending. Bless Vanessa for her patience when I kept thinking I'd be DONE soon.. and then wasn't. And she missed several shows with her. But if you click to enlarge you'll see how much crazy close-as-scale-detail-as-I'm-ever-going-to-get-roaning is there...! No, I didn't use a magnifying glass to draw them but I had to work in punctated time periods to give my eyes a break).

NEMHC Summer Live June 22nd 2008

Division Artist Resin Halter –Breed and Workmanship judged together; Class #16 American Gaited Breeds (15 entries)

  • 1st Breed (judged by Jen Al-Beik)
  • 2nd Workmanship (judged by Sonya Johnson)

  • Breed AR (all 25 classes combined to give) Division Top Ten (judged by Jen Al-Beik)
  • Workmanship AR (all 25 classes combined to give) Division Top Ten (judged by Sonya Johnson)

Hudson Valley Classic June 14th 2008

Div OPEN CM/AR HALTER – BREED & WORKMANSHIP Class ‘American Gaited’ (5 entries)

  • 1st Breed (judged by Danielle Miller)
  • 1st Workmanship (class judged by Karen Pajack)

  • Open CM/AR 21 classes combined to give Division Top Ten no champ/reserve (again judged by Danielle Miller)
  • Open CM/AR 21 classes combined to give Division Top Ten no champ/reserve (again judged by Karen Pajack)

“Fancy Foo” now has a tidly little tally of 4 NAN cards in halter after these first 2 shows. Congrats again Vanessa! :D

And really quickly since I didn't have time to find out owners or photographers... some I spied and saved:
And these two sent to me by Diana Patterson are DREADFULLY overdue - sorry Diana but thank you!!! (hugs!!) :)

Opps! Almost forgot these from Shelia Anderson (her finishwork is AMAZING!) (8-o

his studio shot above and his win at Stone Little Expo against the big guys too.

Ok, I think that's it for now. News on Breyerfest stuff (even though I won't be there) will be posted here/elsewhere and most certainly in depth on my yahoogroup soon.

In the meantime I'm looking at potentially 60hrs a week of NON-computer NON-studio time for a little bit so PLEASE bear with me. This is why we gotta all LOVE Lisa. Thanks sweetie!! :D

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