Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guess I should submit Hazel for a Legion of Merit Award?

I have never really thought about those but someone pointed out to me that the award points are cumulative. Anyhow, this past weekend she got first (yay!) at Gold Country Model Horse Show in Sacramento, CA. in American WB under judge Sharon Carabajal. So she now has 9 NAN cards from across the land in halter and perf. Hmmm.

THANK YOU Vanessa Dahl for showing her there for me!!

Hazel’s next stop is in Nebraska with veteran proxy shower Diana Parker. :) Diana has 3 upcoming shows in the next 3 months. I haven’t managed to coordinate performance as well (I stink at coordination!). In fact there was someone who’d offered to show her at Stone’s show in KY during Breyerfest and I TOTALLY dropped the ball there. Duh.

Well anyhow, I have to wait until some cards show up but how fun is that? :) I really need to set up another performance shower because Hazel has told me she would only be honored if she could earn a “Versatility” award. ;) She’s a competitive minded woman you know. Lol! :D


Anonymous said...

Well my girl is certainly versatile, but it is a credit to your sculpture/painting skills that she is where she is at with all those NAN cards.

Janice Kall

Morgen said...

You're just awesome for letting me steal away your horse for a year Janice. I can't say it enough! But thank you yet again!! (huge hugs!)