Thursday, August 7, 2008

So far so good! :D


Sarah Mink really outdid herself with this gal's face imo... color just flows on so nice and real and you hardly have to do anything as a painter imo to draw out life. Just pick a shade and apply and viola! A little wee horsie!

So far I've only applied one coat of oils here. The shine is partly because I've used a slow aperture flash setting. I have no idea how to use that thing after 9 years. Isn't that sad? lol! Anyhow, it's in the painting case drying and I wasn't about to bust out with the real lights and move her too much.

I'm making a base too. I won't permanently attach her but she is so small and fine that tipping is easy. If her someday owner wants to, a tiny dab of sticky wax would help prevent it. Plus she just *needs* a dramatic stand imo. :D

Now I need to wait forever for her to dry more before I can get to the second coat of oils. -sighs- :(
She is SO much fun to paint... the torture of oils! argh!!


Carol H. said...

Morgen, have you ever tried any of the driers with your oil paint? I have tried a drop of cobalt drier in my paint at times, and it really does help speed drying. I know a lot of other people use it, too, so I'm just wondering if you've had a bad experience with it or why you don't use any drying oil or liquin, etc.?

Morgen said...

You hit the nail on the head: I have had problems with them. Even in such minute amounts (less than a drop for a big blob of paint). Just bad drier or something but once bitten twenty times shy. What happened was a little mini crackled pretty bad many months later.

I do prefer the consistency of straight oils as well. Every other artist I know uses some sort of drier but I dunno. I just feel it's easier to wait longer myself. Especially since I can sculpt or work on other horses in the meantime. :)

Just a personal preference really though.