Friday, August 1, 2008

Update on the little Lippitt fellow (was "Rocky")

[added on later] moved front legs fwd and fiddled with some other spots to accentuate today! :) plus photoshopation of course there ;)

I think it's almost been a year now since I shared any photos of this little dude.. maybe? I dunno ut since then I really redid a lot of his body type and he's departed quite a bit from the ASB/tube shaped show-style Morgan that the real horse I knew named Rocky was. I LOVE the Ethan Allen type Morgan.

It's funny b/c the proportions didn't change much at all, just where the beef was laid down on the sculpture did.

That left hind is a nightmare to get right. It cracks me up too b/c I have TONS upon TONS of photos of Morgans (thank you Tom B for all those wonderful magazines!!!) with their legs exactly like this and it's still hard to get. Right now the pastern and hoof are set on wrong and the hoof angle is off. I moved it around some and thus have to recenter and shape all that... I won't really address it full until I'm satisfied with where the muscle groups all are and the details of their shapes are all carved in.

Oh yeah, lol -> and make sure all the measurements still stayed the same. ;)

Speaking of details, I soooo soo can't wait to get to the ones on this guy. The little plump neck wrinkles. The wavy tail and mane (love thick wavy Morgan manes and tails).

He's large classic or very small traditional. 7 inches or so at the ears.

So these are the fun things I've been working on while Lisa handles orders and time payments! YAY! :D After nearly 3 months of almost absolutely no studio work (because of the night job sleep and daytime t-storm watches), this feels so wonderfully productive.

Take the horse in-progress photo as it is thought iwth a major grain of salt - he's 2D practically! He's got almost nothing on any of the other sides. lol! ;) Lots more to do. And with "bitty b" being anticipated back in a few weeks I won't touch him after that until "bitty" is done. Oh but I have been painting up a storm too. :)

Off to slather up in sunscreen and work outside for a while now... can't wait to get back to this! :D

Aww heck. I'll throw in a REALLY hard to grasp flash shot too (flash takes away all shape with apoxie sculpt sans primer):


Carol H. said...

He looks fantastic, Morgen! That left hind looks great to me. You're one of those who makes it look so easy, I wish I could watch you work.

Becky Turner said...

just a note morgan and i know you probley know this but in case you dont.. ( I know tom also from many ears ago at morgan shows.. and I bred morgans for 20 years and we still have 4 1/2 here .. ones a half morgan) the ears need to be much smaller.. morgans especially studs or geldings have tiny cute ears.... mares tend to larger ears but not always.. looking good though.. Il be watching and feel free to ask me anything morgan related! we have a beautiful gelding out back I can take pics of..well 2 really.. a palomino and a silver dapple..I wish Id had my camera the other day ..hawk ( the silver dapple or liver chestnut? to sure on his color...) was standing just like the Justin morgan statue and looked so much like it.. but with a prettier head!
Becky Turner