Thursday, December 11, 2008

The dance of joy!!! :)

I'm only going to share this photo for now. I've promised my yahoogroup that full galleries and ordering info sharing would be limited TO the yahoogroup so for those who've been following along here who don't do yahoogroups, sorry... you'll have to wait until January to see! By then I ought to be all caught up. :)

Ahhhh but it's a GREAT feeling to sit there and inspect every inch and inspect your final photos close up and see nothing at all that you want to change. Woohoo man!

Since I posted last the weekend kicked my butt. By Monday night I went home and fell asleep at 7 o'clock. My arms are still sore but I'm adapting to the increase in work weightload that accompanies the onset of winter and the super short days. With 12horses and a donkey to care for on the weekends I literally have to time everything down to the minute to get it all done in daylight hours. Especially if the ground is slippery and I don't want to be walking horses in at sunset when it might start to refreeze slicker than the am. It gets to be old-hat by Jan/Feb but at first it's a shocker to the system. Of course this week temps SORED back up the 50s/60's from the low 20s (low teens with wind chills!) from a few days ago. I used to think 30 degree temp swings were brutal but I guess 40 degree swings are my new norm to adjust to.

At least I have fun things to retreat to if I've got the energy! Honestly I've just adored doing these final stages of detail out... however it's just amazing to get into 'the zone' and then look up later and realize how much time has passed.

In college one time I was working on an abstract sculpture and was getting into 'the zone'. I looked up to find the whole class staring at me in (well I don't know what they were thinking but they'd all left their benches and gone over to the corner and were staring at me). If the instructor said my name to make me look up... well I didn't hear him. I definitely didn't hear his tell the classes (repeatedly) to wrap it up and come on over. Literally, 'the zone' totally tunes you out to the world. It's something athletes and emergency-working people I know can utterly relate to. You just a awed to find that bombs and parades went past and here you were just completely absorbed and oblivious.

So pulling my head from "the zone" now...! :D Wow. Lookit that, it's almost Christmas! lol! ;)

I'm really excited to paint up one of these bitty guys soon. I have NO clue what color but oooooh is he looking like fun to me. Eeeee! Happy dance happy dance!! :D

Aww heck, I'll share last week's picture again too;

Since I talked so much about that forelock you can see what became of it.


Carol H. said...

He is really beautiful, Morgen! Gosh, with all that work you have to do, how do you find the time to create such fantastic pieces of art? You must have the energy of a terrier ;-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

On a side note...I used to live up in Humboldt. I had friends in Ft. Bragg. I miss visiting there. I think the Mendocino and Humboldt area is one of my favorite places I have ever lived. I miss it!