Thursday, December 18, 2008

A photo bonanza!

I just felt inspired to surf a little for fun photos again.. mostly I was looking for colors, but I found some stuff that really needs to be shared!

First off - anyone looking for Hazel breed ideas & colors might enjoy this thread! :)

Mustang pics for color ideas; there’s hundreds under each of those “wild horses” links!

& Mustang hooves aren’t always perfect (it’s a myth!) here’s proof:

This guy is just fascinating and there must be at least a hundred photos of him alone too; he’s a grey apparently, but his scarring is sooooo extensive he looks like an appy!

On to another photo site… billions of Arabians!

Anyone who hasn’t seen this man’s amazing photography is in for a real treat!

Here’s another with great detail photos and tons of them;

On a similar vein if you are looking for something VERY specific;

Ahhh but this is the site I was looking for really at long last!!!

The photography of Wojtek Kwiatkowski

… sublime! Woohoo off to do some photoshopping of my own now that I’m inspired! ☺ (gifts for friends)

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Sarah said...

Wow Morgen thanks for sharing all these great links!

When you go to Tim Flach's website and click on "Equus" the first thing you see is the cover of his book "Equus." This book is available at my Costco! (I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). So if anyone is interested in this book check your Costco first before going to a bookstore or ordering online as Costco always has great prices on books.

I was looking through this book at my Costco and was just amazed at the photography, it's absolutely beautiful!

Sarah Marshall
BC, Canada