Saturday, December 6, 2008

& Upon soul-searching analysis... one more cut needed...

I really thought I was done. I think lots of things that are wrong tho and aint afraid to admit it! :D

Ah well but yeah.. yesterday I'd set up the little fellow and started taking photos from all angles and lightings. Then I sat down with the intent of writing my yahoogroup a little note about anticipated times. I started to make a little named "cover image" like I've done with all my sculptures ( where I pick out a font & favorite image.

Anyhow, so as I'm choosing between two images my eye kept getting drawn over and over to this section of forelock. Mind you I've spent hours and hours alone just laying down 'hairs' on that section alone. However in the overall "picture" it was just standing out to me as clumpy and lacking the flow the rest of him had.

It's really hard to step back and say "no" and go in and hack with a dremel after all this work. Really really is. It's worth it to make those changes in the end I feel. So many artists approach this differently - some don't share anything towards the end and hold off after they feel it's complete for a bit too -> just to see if something leaps out at them eventually. We all at least hope to spy these things we REALLY don't like long before this point. lol!

Anyhow, here's one photo that will definitely be included in the final lot's gallery.

(if you click on it you will see something MUCH larger than my hand really is... I have big hands but they aren't THAT big - lol! & You'll even be able to ID my pinky prints!! lol!)

I'm really thrilled with 95% of him now (and dreading what I'm off to go do right now which is pick up a dremel at this point!)... at least I've photoshopped away until I know EXACTLY where I'm cutting to avoid wasting & redoing any more. & Yes, I"m just taking away, not rebuilding up so that is easier.

Wish me insights & inspiring moments please! :D

Postscript... :D I really like the "trim" so far and not to much to redo! Woohoo!! :D


Carol H. said...

Good luck, Morgen! All of your attention to detail really pays off in beautiful pieces, but I know what you mean -- just when you thought you could breathe a sigh of relief :-0

Becky Turner said...

those hairs on the mane and tail are awesome! I live hoe you got so much detail in them.. did you do that but just making tiny snakes and blending them? its pretty impressive!
Rebecca Turner

Morgen said...

Becky, yeah basically that. In several cases I've been finding that blending with a fine paint brush is better (has to be done immediately after mixing part A & B). I've also found my favorite way to attach them is with a wet brush. I really don't mind sharing these secrets because the technique is royally a pita! lol! And you really have to get the hang of it. It's like the big fellow was to do but just much much smaller.

Oh and seriously? For anyone doing tiny detail may I just take this chance to remind everyone to LOOK AWAY (up around and refocus eyeballs on objects around the room) frequently. My father drilled me constantly growing up when doing tiny details (flatwork, anything) about the importance of eye exercises & breaks. It really helps a lot!