Saturday, March 7, 2009

Painted horses I'm wrapping up too...

End of the day sneak peek there at Ms Vixen awaiting her matte finish...

Back in Oct I had to make a decision as to investing the time on bitty bosco or many of these, so I chose to focus on bitty. That was when I'd decided he needed individually blended hair ropes so yeah... that took a month. Then it was one thing after another and staying on top of orders. Finally I returned to playing with these guys last month. This past Wed I was able to spend the day at Liesl Dalpe's studio and I airbrushed a base coat (that's all there is on those two) on a Kara Kush and a traditional Bosco. I'm in love with her hand mixed acrylics!! I was able to just keep going with no stopping and no disassembling/interior cleaning of the airbrush (how novel eh?!). I have a few others painting things going on for people but these are the ones that are going to be for sale. Annnnnd it's been over a year I believe since I've offered up any painted horses for sale... it'll be fun to do these as a group.

I'll put these down in the order I rather expect they'll be done in over the coming weeks...

Vixen: stablemate Mustang Mare by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, I have a special wood base my boyfriend cut out for me like Spinny's (below) for this gal.. its square and darker. I'm thinking it needs to be given sand & a couple of rocks too. This afternoon's project along with her details. If her hoof/eye and mane/tail details go well she might be up for sale as early as Monday... we shall see!

Spinnaker: stablemate stallion by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig on another custom base carved out my my guy & stained/polyurethaned by me. I'm thinking he needs to be on grass & those rocks need to be lichen covered. Greens & grays to bring out his browns & whites. :)

Independence: traditional scale TWH horse gelding by Sarah Rose

In chestnut tobiano on right: Micro Mini Friesian - Maggie Bennett for EquinArt Creations (who's going for the Vanner look)..

Close up of the left horse there: that's something I picked up at a hobby store & I'll have to find the packaging but it's from a war figurine set... aint it cute?! If you enlarge you can see the bit details.

The dinky duke little bit sized resin of mine that was going to be more fleabitten than dappled is going to be more dappled than fleabitten. I didn't like how that was coming out. You really couldn't see the fleabites in most light and I'd have needed a smoother sealant layer to reemphasize them better without having the bites be grainy... I'll have to try again for a smoother fleabitten one. I'm diggin him in these dapples tho!

The traditional sized El Embsoco that I started on Wed at Liesl Dalpe's studio. That's just airbrushing - oils come next! I wanted to basically give him the same primative bay body color (perhaps a tad more sandy in tone) as my Hazel demo model that's been touring the country...

Kara-Kush traditional Akhal-Teke Mare by Andrea Kessler who may go lighter as she gets her dapples to be a sotty buckskin or dun. I haven't decided. She's another one I started at Liesl's studio... again just in airbrush at the moment. Here's just a couple neato Teke color references I've found: - - - -

And lastly, this Flitwick (sculpted by me) is having issues with being waaay more orange than I'd wanted as the layers built up. I keep giggling and wanting him to be called Orange Julius. In the end though the orange will add depth to the beige and browns I'll add on top and I hope it will be a nice effect. I was really enjoying the thin skin dapple effect he was getting. I was thinking he'd look neat as one of those silver chestnuts colors that have some black (manifested more as grey) to the mane/tail.

So wow eh? I haven't offered up anything for a year and suddenly I go and plan to wrap all these in progress horses up. I have a few more in progress too but these were the ones I'm focusing on. With oils it requires sometimes just a few minutes and then putting the horse down for days and days (I loath/fear and don't like the drying additives so I use patience instead - lol! Sometimes just TOO much). Anyhow, well wish me luck!


Liesl said...

Hey... you didn't say anything about how my compressor exploded... lol!! They all look amazing, but I am especially fond of the dapple gray dinky. He is one I want to see in person!!

Morgen said...

Ok ok... so hey everyone. I BROKE Liesl's compressor. (Well she says I didn't but I sure as shootin gave it a serious workout and then it died eh?). hrmph.

I offered you MINE m'dearie! No gripin! All it's doing is sitting here in my living room and occassionally going off to job sites (like this one: ) to be used for nail guns.

Watch out for next time Liesl when I steal your nifty airbrush too.

I'm really a TERRIBLE guest eh?

(dapply dinky is getting his dapples in oils so eh.. mmm.. wouldn't make for good travel work unfortunately!)

Liesl said...

HAHA... it WASN'T your fault! I'm not gripin'. :-) Compressors definitely aren't supposed to fall apart like that. The company is sending me a new one, so no worries there. And, for the time being my dad gave me his nail-gun compressor which says "built to last" on it... so I think its safe for another round! HA!

Danelle said...

Oh, Morgen, they are ALL so very beautiful!!!! It's always an inspiration to view your work. Hugs!!!