Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fwiw, my current dilemma..

I'll share some of the things that occupy my thoughts MOST of the time... I suppose that's rather sad really but well, I can think of worse things to focus on. ;) I prefer to dwell exclusively on things I can change where ever, when ever possible.. and today here's what's driving me crazy.

From the side she almost looks to have too big of a head. Not quite but a tad. But from the front (didn't get a pic and it would be distorted anyhow & probably not show what I"m seeing b/c it might look big enough), from the front her head looks too short.

Is it an illusion of arabian heads? They are quite wide btwn the eyes and quite narrow around the muzzle...

Anyhow, so without a literal stable of arabians I can measure - and mind you the only accurate measurements would be of ones SNORTING WHILE they're being measured.. well.. I'm a tad stuck here. I tend to work things out by holding the horse at various angles and looking at hundreds of photos till I can find a focal point (tear bone & nostril tip for example) to compare amongst them all. Hope that made sense. This is what I do with all those photos int he links I"ve been sharing.

In the meantime, I snapped a couple quickie ones as she sat here on my recently (rare event) cleaned off desktop... Terrible pics I know - sorry! (the 2nd is a flash photo so you can see how hard it is to see details. ). Soon she's going to need primer so I can move forward with the more refined detailing of actual muscles and joints. For the time being it's still nit-picking at proportions. :)


Mirror Bay Model Horse Tack said...

You know, now she is definately taking on a park arabian look... almost morgan-like... very similar to Carol William's Park Arabian. It's quite exciting, actually. Now I have visions of customizing her for saddleseat classes and doing mounted native costume with her too! I'm sure the final mane & tail will assist with overall "feel" of the piece too.

Her head does look a tad wide for me... but what strain of Arab are you going for?

By the way - I answered your questions in the comments section of the previous post ;-)

Morgen said...

That is interesting.

I'm going for Egyptian arab. Although due to the pose I have looked at a LOT of park horses (one leg down one up - gives the right musculature for the chest/neck tie ins to study).

I always groan if someone thinks a horse looks like someone else's sculpture - eek!!! All the same, I know what you mean. I went over to RioRondo to see what you meant and even the gallery images are all from the same 3/4 angle with the same leg down/up as mine (well in front).

Also the upright neck/tuck aspect reflects some park/saddleseat look... although in studying my references I'm NOT going for the look of a neck being held in by a bit. I have a couple of photos laying around in the studio that are of horses tucking their own necks in fiesty displays.

I will go back and study that width issue some more. That could very well be a big part of it. I know there's some room there for play within breed type. Although aren't egyptians more wedge headed? That said, yeah... it does stand out a bit much and it's really not too hard to fiddle with. Tx Heather!

Becky Turner said...

Hey Morgan ,
She is looking good.. maybe try looking at her photo in silhouette to see if the head looks to long next to a photo in silhouette and compare the lengths.. that way you don't see all the details to distract your eye? just an idea.. the length actual looks good to me but I think the type your going for.. egyptian are not the super wide in the forehead.. but a little but more narrow than the the others? at least thats the impression I get when I look at pics.. they seem to have a dryer head and more sharp edges if you know what I mean...? the foals though look really wide in the forehead but seems as they get older they are not as wide.. impression but I haven't really studied yet like you are.. someday huh.I have thought if doing an arab in a classic size.. or around there but dont worry nothing like yours..I have one in mind though..its a mare walking .. I have the pics.. a very beautiful horse..( but ya never know.I may change that too!) so someday... doing ponies right now! lol oh and just so ya know..I liked the back foot up some.. lol it was more dramatic that way.. but thats me.. I can see how showers would want that leg down. but I liked it up! I saw a few horses with the leg up too.. so they do move that way...i agree though with mirror bay..., it does look more parky with the back leg down.. I'll be reading.. post more pics! lol good luck!
Rebecca Turner