Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just sharing stuff here

A quickie silhouette snap shot of the arabian lady. :)

She's starting to speak to me again about what she wants to look like. I'd gone up with her head and back down again b/c that wasn't working for me. I've changed a great deal about her abdomen, back, tail & muscling in between since I had a couple folks look at her in person too. Still fiddling with her nuances tho soooo it aint so pretty when the lights come up. hehehe! Poor girl! She's getting somewhere I think tho. :)

And a random share of a fun video and then a public service announcement.. first lessee if I can embed this;

And then the public service expose on "Current Trends In TWH Soring"
Videos here;
(had a hard time sitting through all of those because it made me ill - just warning you!)
The Rowdy video I dug up when I was reading through the discussion (I like Rowdy) over on blab here;

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