Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I dunno man... I think she wants to be WILDER..

I think she wants a flingly mane - coming DOWN from whiping her head around... hmmm..

I may go ask on Blab about this... meanwhile I was just playing in PS again to see what sort of refinements I want. Ooops! Photo still reversed here.. lol!

Editing to add this on in... it's a little more congruous (plus in the right direction). I've photoshopped the ears & tried to give her more cranky nostrils.. as well as playing iwth the refinements I'm considering here (for my own 'what does it look like when I do this' factor).


Anonymous said...

I think she looks a lot better with the wilder mane.

Morgen said...

I just deleted this comment from 'jason' because it had a link to a redirect (and that could totally be legit BUT that's also how viruses are being spread on blogger now)

Original site was cgsculpt org

comment was;
"I like the furled main because it gives it a more interesting silhouette. Overall, excellent sculpture!

CG Sculpt [i just deleted that LINK]
The Site for Digital Sculptors