Friday, May 8, 2009

Spots for Springtime!

I've really been on this spot-kick lately. :)

I wrapped up one fellow here and he's off to his owner now. His whole gallery is here;

I've been experimenting with some techniques and media that I'm really enjoying. It's funny how one 'pictures' something verses how hard it can be sometimes when a particular media is limiting you. Being able to achieve a vision is tremendously exciting!! :D

Soooooo I now share with you a sneak peek of someone in his basecoat at the moment. I can't WAIT to get to those tiny hair details like I did there with the above Flitwick artist's proof! But this bitty has to get another coat in oils before I launch off into that... sighs... waiting waiting waiting... but there's another spotty fellow I can play with in the meantime too. ;)

He wants to be called "Tiberius".


Becky Turner said...

hey I love them Morgan! looking good... now you need to tell me what this new technique is! lol really!! I love doing appys and i just started to paint in oils..I had started a bay going grey a few ears ago and I loved how I could get such nice blending.. I haven't painted in oils in many years.. .. I just started one of katjas historic's in oils.. a kind of blue roany color... Im loving it.. do you use anything to speed up drying? Im using liquin to mix with the paint and instead of paint thinner Im using a linseed oil to clean the bruhses inbetween colors.. which I think is thinnning the paint more than I like.. making it too translucent.... Im not sure i like that though...... I do like how I can paint every 2 days though... also.. what are you using for grass on the flitwick base? I have some of the model train fake grass in bags.. I have 2 or 3 colors.. not sue its the same thing you have there but I sure like the look of yours much better! .. so whats the secret? I really want to be able to do better bases like you and a few others do...
Rebecca Turner

Morgen said...

Hmmm... lots to answer there.

Well for spotty horses I use mixed media - not just oils. Pastels, conte and charcoal colors carefully dabbed on with smudge tools. Pencils carefully smudged with the finest point tortilines (sp?).

I have a whole article with pics I wrote for RESS years back about it (how to do a fleabite). Somewhere on my yahoogroup (try searchign it for fleabite maybe?) I'm sure the link to the pdf is there? I could look now but I gotta run back to work.

Wanted to say tho; brushes, I actually only use them 1x per color per session & then clean with turpentoid/something like that & then soap/water/pat dry lay down carefully. But I have jars and jars of brushes so...

Train grass + a little bits and such nabbed from dried flower arrangements.

Blending in oils or acrylics really is just a matter of very thin layers at a time for me. Add.. wait a day.. add... wait a day. Appies kinda go faster for me (although individually they take MUCH longer w/all that smoothing out of the detail).

Liquin. I may look into that tho. There are times I'd like to thin down a color.