Monday, May 18, 2009

Poll time! :) Plus another sneak peek ;)

Ok, well at a show this weekend I got a lot of great input about Ms. Fiesty. There remains a massive dichotomy however about her mane tail. Thus, I've decided to do a poll.

I would like to say this first - mane/tail lifted OFF the body allows for much faster customization should I choose to do 2 hair types ultimately.

Anyhow, here are the options, I've broken them down by 1-4 "ideas" below. Mind you these aren't exactly where each hair tendril would go.. but it's an idea of how they would look ultimately. The mare herself is still under major construction. I'm unhappy with the face in areas and really feel the body needs a great deal more refinement in spots too. That said, since this poll will run for a few weeks I figured I should start it now anyhow. ;) Please keep in mind that these pics were taken slightly from above. It would affect how the hair lays. I'm trying to represent in photoshop 'fake hair' something very 3D.

Pic 1 - hair will be curling back on the mane, tail would be swishing

Pic 2 - mane the same, curling back, tail more straight but still swishing side to side some

Pic 3 - very little side to side on both mane and tail, but a tad of an angle on the tail so that one part could attach to a leg

Pic 4 - obviously more side to side on the tail, mane more unruly (and fragile)

And lastly - a sneak preview of Tiberius! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, she is looking really good!! For an Arabian, you got the head perfectly.
It is kind of hard to choose the main & tail that will look the best on her. But I'm sure that what ever you pick, it will look good on her. :)