Sunday, May 24, 2009

The sheer joy of finishing things :)

Ahhhhhh.... it's just such a good feeling. lol!

Well I wish I could say I'm done with my arab mistress there but hardly. Long ways to go. In the meantime I've put in good painting hours to wrap up (actually many things are very nearly wrapped up! woot!), one item. I'm just in a little state of euphoria over here... could be the fumes. I do wear my respirator mask religiously mind you but yeah... if you can smell the chemicals they're doing the brain damage (this sage gem from my dad who's.. well.. pretty darned out to lunch now). ;)

Anyhow, well here's that dude I shared earlier in progress.

I've gotten a sales page up for him too;

Looking to the poll.. looks like there are definitely enough people in favor of the first 2 tail variations to seriously consider something.. I'm just not sure what yet. Something in between? Something totally different? Dunno. Hmmmmmm.... Even if there's still a big divide in the end I may need to revist the notion. Meanwhile, like I said, she's got a looong way to go baby. ahh sighs. Yeah. See how long that euphoria lasted? :-/ Oh well. ;)

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