Monday, November 9, 2009

Back from Region 10 Regionals - whew!

They hate me here now.. it's probably a good thing that I'm moving away. ;) I got teased a LOT about how I just randomly decided to take up performance this past year and after 4 shows did so well. I had REALLY good teachers. I got to borrow some really nice tack (this time I used my own at least - Iva Kimmelman lent me a rear cinch though). I still needed to borrow a pole from Larry, an english rider doll & calf from Jackie (have my own as of a last minute trade Sunday eve now too though)... a horsemanship pattern from Tanya, a cone from Terri.. I think that's it? I will post more thorough credits to tack makers and such when the regional pictures & results come out.

I'm thrilled to say that 1 of my 2 goals was to get another halter card for Hazel to fufill the NAMHSA Merit Versatility Award requirement, and she got it with many more to spare now so I guess the next 2 I'll try for are the Superior Halter Horse Award and the Performance Versatility Award. Those plaques are way neat with the horse's name on them and such.

My other goal was to get my Godiva closer - I hadn't shown her in as many classes as Hazel. I'm thrilled to report too that she also earned enough for the Versatility Award as well. :) She's farther away from a PVA because she has no english cards yet (and it'll be interesting - I haven't even tried my english saddle on her!).

Ok, well here are a couple of pics! I really wanted Jane Schnieder to see the saddle she sold me last weekend doing her proud! :D I also wanted a few tack makers to see their work in action.

It's all honestly a blur. I am not sure what I have for results, I was pretty much jumpin the whole time. I also don't have a spreadsheet system like most folks do yet. I had good teachers though that's for sure. I've decided to challenge a few friends to make it more fun for me... there was once upon a time something called the "Stone Pony Smackdown" that a couple of gals around here had. Stay tuned for the Hazel incarnation of this. I have to invent excuses to get out. I don't get out of the house much obviously. ;)

I know I have 5 ribbons. I'm not sure all for what so i don't want to say (I had some big gaps a few times in my note taking - I do try!). Like I said, a complete report soon. I have a new painted Pixie too that I only have her show photo to share... on Friday I'd hope to get studio photos of her but Fenwick's took up most of my day Fri. And making sure I had her and the others who needed to be given to their owners ready & all packed. :) I'll make an album in a week or so I guess. Easiest way to do it..(go J-albums man!).

Jane's trade to me (the saddle) with Donna Hutchin's bridle and Anne (St Onge) Field's doll... ranch horse pleasure - a lot less expensive than typical western pleasure fortunately (although someday I'll have a pleasure set too - eee!) :)

Yes, that's my Brenda w/her more natural thighs. ;) Donna's Hutchin's halter. And Ann's doll (and judge tools) again. :)

Jackie's borrowed doll and my Jana Sabova tack. :) Can't see them but the SMB boots are are by Corrine Ensor. Jump made by me and my man (yes, he IS a keeper I know). ;)

And just for fun.

Of to write some tack folks now... and mail out a million (20) preordered Fenwicks! (they're gonna hate me at that PO today). ;)

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