Sunday, November 22, 2009


Saturday my fiance had a little barn raising (ok, a shed really, albeit large and of typical barn raising post and beam timber construct...). Soooooooooooo I wanted to make a time-lapse video for him but when he saw how many there were on youtube he said "bleh, it's been done to death"... well you know me, once I get a notion in my head.. ;) So I went home last night and said hmmmm... I have all those hundreds of in-progress pictures, lessee what I can come up with..
...and this is what I came up with.

(I think if you click on it a certain way you can get it to enlarge)...

Personally to me it's like a dire warning of exactly what NOT to do (if you value your time). ;) -snorts- Anyhow, but for those who didn't know it, yes, Hazel came from sculpture iteration #1 of Godiva. Proof in the archival footage now posted online here. Forever documenting my foolhardy ways on youtube. Enjoy! :)

Stay tuned for when I dig up that Alan Jackson song there and show how I madeMY "itty bitty".. (grins)

PS - I went to put the list of people I have great gratitude towards in at the end in a big scrolling 'thank you' and it added several minutes to the video.. no matter how I fooled around with the scrolling credits. Since it's my second attempt at Window's Movie Maker.. well.. I gave up. They're HERE though. :)


DrSteggy said...

Amusing! I forgot about all the iterations she went through until I saw them again!

Becky Turner said...

wow morgan.. now i want to go back and stop or slow it down so I can really look at the pictures! lol
Rebecca Turner
Soltice Art Studio