Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photoshop Skillz... I no haz dem...

Even hairless this horse definitely has the most "personality" of any I've done to date. Today I tried fooling around for a sec in photoshop as he started calling to me to look at him again (in need to be peeling my eyes away from fleabites and dapples and appy spots.. oh my!).

You would never think that I've actually produced photoshop manipulated images that appeared on nationally distributed magazines. Crayon hair here. Oh well.. lol! Interesting new twist for me to explore (well ok, for all of 5 minutes here).. hmm.


DrSteggy said...

....you didn't have anything pop up on Photoshop Disasters, did you? Then you're fine, even with the crayon hair. Does this mean that spiffy Arab mare is nearly done?

Morgen said...

Spiffy arab is nearly done. I just paused for reflection... I sorta knew about Jezebel coming out and preferred to wait rather than push on. I also (in truth) have been primarily preoccupied with a bunch of painted horses to wrap up... OH! And a bit of judicious financial management. Selling my horse boarding business this year artificially gave me more "income" (like the old saw about making a little money in the horse boarding buisness - it's a fraction of what I put in for up front capital myself!).. and thus I'd prefer not to be hit hard with taxes in a lump sum, (which happens with too many resin releases at once - and expenses/billing for costs happening in the following year)... but rather would prefer to push the income & costs over into the same tax year by waiting one more month.

Christmas is such a tough time anyhow! :-P

That's probably more than you wanted to know, eh?