Thursday, April 7, 2011

I dabble in drawing but generally..

I dabble in drawing but generally.. I don't share.. for a # of reasons. Primarily because most of the things I draw are straight from a magazine or book. It's an exercise, and while I might not be selling it here even by sharing, putting anything on the web these days is a big thorny conundrum.

Anyhow, it occurred to me that I've got all these great photos of horses now that I took myself these past few years, and that I should draw those instead & share those pictures. Again, these are just exercises. I really just don't have the photorealism "it" factor imo in my flatwork (drawing or painting). But it's good for me to explore shapes and light and dark spaces in 2d - because it helps to grasp shape faster in 3d sometimes if you can "explain" it visually in several ways.

Well so anyhow, here's a cute scratching pony from this past fall's trip with Maggie to Shackleford Island; the original and what I made of it.

Again to see more pony pics check out some I made into an album here

Yes, I did do professional illustration but each and every drawing I did there imo could be greaty improve upon. I'm a harsh critic of my own work but the one thing I had going for me there the most was how fast I could turn around an assignment - lol! In other words, I decided that other avenues (for the longest time graphic animation work and computer illustration) were better to pursue.. until of course I rediscovered sculpting and casting medium improvements and then tossed aside the mouse. ;)

These "sketches" and widget type exercises I've been sharing here are things I take on in the evening when I'm supposedly done for the day. I'm really lucky my fiance doesn't find me boring. I'm pretty obsessive. Guess it comes with the territory. :) & With that, back to it then!


Anonymous said...

Aww, how cute. Your illustration looks like it belongs in some sort of children's book. I would love to see any others you might have done.

Morgen said...

Why thank you! I honestly would be thrilled to do a children's book in all honesty. A fellow artist and I collaborated on one once - I did the line work and she inked it and did water colors. But the story was hers and for some reason we only got a few down. I've failed to come up with really good "ideas" however for other books. I think it takes the right kind of brainstorming. TMI moment here - how about just thanks! ;)