Friday, April 29, 2011

Ok, I just gotta share the follies! ;)

Ok! So there are now two little guys falling asleep here in the sun on my back porch!! :D

Watch em tip over and sprawl out flat in a second.. ;) (actually I probably will want to move them to the shade now but I really REALLY really want the resin to be fully cured. I was out there nearly in a Hazmat suit mixing the chemicals.

The bottom one is supposed to have a hole just under his chest/forelegs there but that was a flimsy bit of rubber making the hole & it came off with the first casting. I kinda suspected it would . It would've needed to be a bit more complicated of a mold - and that's a pretty easy area to hollow back out.

And if you click on the (distorted view!!!) enlargement below you can see two funny things... a chunk of the rubber fell into his nose and got cast in there (purple lines just under the surface)... and the seam lines running down the bridge of his nose and off his cheek - rockingly clean casting eh? WOOOT!

And I've still got a good deal of work to do with either.... The first one cast out with a goodly # of flaws - crinkles here and there that didn't come out in the second. I believe it was from the mold release as I put it in only in a few spots but that's where the crinkles liked to center. The first casting didn't come out with both ears so I tried again. The 2nd time the ear came out - woot! Buuuuut with a bubble so it broke. Easy fix there as you can see (right ear on the bottom fellow). He came out even cleaner than the first guy. So I'll be smoothing out and adding a few more details onto him.... then he'll be ready to offer to folks! :) Probably won't take more than a week to do right. Yay!!! (does happy dance!). :D

I wasn't going to share but seriously. How freaking cute are the sleepy foals tipping over in unison in the sun? Meanwhile, those who know molds and casting can look at my monstrosity that I'm totally filing away under "wow I can't believe I got away with making THAT work" ... ;)


About Kelly said...

Wowowow!!!! You work so fast!!! This guy is looking amazing, can't wait to see the finished article. Great waste mold, good job!!!

Morgen said...

You know Kelly, I was honestly thinking of YOU with this one - lol! Like literally I was all... hmmmm... it's almost a medallion but not quite and didn't she cast her laying down foalie all on her own too? I'm very flattered you think it's decent. Swear to god I feel like it belongs on "There I fixed!" ;)

Btw though, nooooo way on earth I'd want to try doing production like I saw you do! Ack! What gorgeous molds too... the SmoothOn guy taught you this eh? Bravo! (just peeked at yer new site!)