Friday, November 4, 2011

& Celebration :)

Well I’m pleased to report that it was an overwhelmingly popular place to be tonight at the opening night of this month’s show at Campbell House gallery in Southern Pines, North Carolina. I managed to take this very very poor shot with my camera phone before the crowds came in. & Then it was so crowded I lost a few people and couldn’t get back over to the coat area to grab my cell phone & try for another photo. Apparently it was nearly a record crowd for the house – 250 people meandering through the 5 or 6 rooms. It’s a normal sized “house” too for a gallery so 250 just boggles my mind. I would up in one of the far rooms & didn’t fully appreciate this other than that I wasn’t going anywhere for a while & fortunately had someone fun to chat with.

Really sorry about my photo here, terrible terrible.. That’s the half passing Deputed Duke sculpture there (the shiny brown thing by the window). Those folks were the early arrivals who were wise to the crowds to come! ;) It really was something! I’m rather in shock actually it was just quite an exciting group – the area is so horsie which was terrifically exciting for me. I got lots of tips on horse events in the area that are must see’s. & Of course in getting to talk to competitors who ride the tough stuff instead of being interviewed at times, so I got to ask some fun questions myself too!

Uhm, ok, back to the synopsis; I had 11 sculptures in all 5 rooms and the foyer and gift shop (the pin and magnet widgets made, bad pun warning!!!, a cameo appearance in their shop). ;) I met so many enthusiastic people it was a wonderful experience. Despite the unbelievable crowd we wrapped up close to on-schedule, and then there was Thai food afterwards (my friends in New England may have just cheered for the tradition of Thai after any good event!!!). :D

So much to talk about I couldn’t possibly share it all now. Pretty wiped out. I just needed to share that it went better than I ever possibly could have expected.

(click to read today's paper there)
The local area newspaper ran this and the reporter there taking photos will be passing them on to us. Which is good because none of us managed to get any decent shots. But a good time was had by all and this show will run for 6 weeks at the Campbell House!

Tomorrow I guess I’ll share more about the next gallery I just signed with today too. See, it’s a big ole roller coaster. I really had a good time tonight though. :)
(oh! And we didn't have to make any speeches - woohoo!) ;)

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